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Sapling & Tree Trunk Protector

Whipper-snippers or line trimmers can do a lot of damage to saplings and trees. We created a recyclable, durable tree trunk protector from plastic destined for landfill...

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Tree Trunk Protector


Code: WHIPPA250

WHIPPA-GUARD® is a durable, recycled and recyclable plastic line trimmer protector for saplings and trees. 

We took plastic destined for landfill and created an easy to install line trimmer protector. Every WHIPPA-GUARD® is made from 100% recycled plastic (Promeg transeco®) and  certified 100% carbon neutral via the purchase of carbon offsets.
Safe, non-toxic and tree-free, it is also 100% recyclable.
Proudly Australian Made, WHIPPA-GUARD® is super durable, able to withstand the heaviest of line trimmer contact. UV stabilised to ensure long lasting protection from the harsh Australian environment.
We’ve designed each WHIPPA-GUARD® sheet to be adjustable to a diameter of 10cm, 12cm or 15cm. Or link WHIPPA-GUARD® sheets together and you can make the diameter as big as you like!
We kept transport and storage in mind when designing WHIPPA- GUARD®.  Our flat-pack design allows up to 5,000 WHIPPA GUARDS per pallet, keeping freight and storage costs down.
Not only is WHIPPA-GUARD®
                                                 better for the environment                                                          and durable but it’s                                                    very affordable. 

  • 250mm H x 500mm W (flat)

  • 1.1mm thick, durable, flexible sheet

  • 2-latch system to lock in place

  • 6-notches per sheet to adjust size from 10cm to 12cm to 15cm diameter

  • Connectable sheets - expand to suit any size tree trunk

  • Colour – grey but may vary slightly due to recycled nature of plastic.

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By Skid / 2,500 units   
By Pallet / 5,000 units   

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