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Waterwise Tree Establishment

A water-wise solution for establishing trees without the need for irrigation or water truck. Particularly useful in harsh climates and areas where seedling, sapling or tree failure is high...


Code: COCOON25

COCOON PLANT INCUBATOR® is a patented, 100% biodegradable planting technology that eliminates irrigation, by supporting a tree/seedling through its critical establishment phase with an accessible reservoir of water and moisture.

Very water-wise, Cocoon only requires one fill of 25 litres at planting to help establish deeper tap roots for improved plant/tree sustainability.

  • 55cm diameter x 22cm deep

  • 25 litres at planting - enough water and moisture retained to establish seedling through its first year

  • Very water-wise, substantially less water than traditional watering methods

  • 100% biodegradable

  • High survival (generally over 90%)

  • Protects and nurtures the seedling whilst providing a buffer zone against weeds

  • Perfect for where water trucks or reticulation can't access or too expensive

  • Perfect for isolated, non-returned plantings

  • Greatly widens planting window - not just winter planting! 

Perfect for where water-truck or irrigation is too costly to establish and maintain.

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Min. order 6 units / 330 units per pallet

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