Compostable Tree Guard Sleeve

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Finally, an environmentally-friendly, plastic-free alternative to plastic sleeve tree guards...

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Code: CPSTA450

Finally, a tree guard sleeve that’s NOT plastic! 

COMPOSTA-GUARD® is a 100% compostable (AS4736) Tree Guard Sleeve, made from plant-based, durable material. It is designed to decompose once in a composting environment.

  • Type: Tree Guard Sleeve

  • Size: 450mm H x 375mm W 

  • Thickness: 100um

  • Material: Plastic-free, plant-based material 

  • Field-life: 12+ months

  • Eco: Commercial Compostable

  • Carton: 300 units

  • Pallet: 24,000 units 

Note: Canes for illustration. Supplied separately and available from Growise.

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