Kangaroo Tree Guard & Stakes

Need a tree or sapling protector to keep kangaroos and other foraging animals away? Check out durable and re-usable KANGA-GUARD... 

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  Code: KANGA1200


A strong, reliable and reusable tree/sapling protector against foraging animals such as Kangaroos, Wallabies, Sheep and Deer. 
​KANGA-GUARD mesh sheets are hot dip galvanised to provide you with a longer lasting guard that can be reused.

Each mesh sheet is 1200mm high x 1500mm wide, with 100mm x 50mm 
apertures. Assembled guard is approximately 460mm in diameter (475mm if not overlapped).

Easy to install, simply clip or tie the panel ends together to form a cylinder shape and stake with 2 x 1500mm high wooden or recycled plastic stakes, available from GROWISE.

  • Delivered as 1200mm H x 1500mm W (pre-sized flat mesh sheet) – no cutting required

  • 100mm x 50mm apertures - larger apertures to make it easier for removal – branches will not be damaged as the guard is being removed

  • Pre-packed flat in packs of 20 mesh sheets, 30 packs per pallet

  • Hardwood stakes, pliers and fixing rings sold separately

Note: Wooden stakes for illustration. Supplied separately and available from Growise.

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Pack (20 sheets), Pallet (30 packs, 600 sheets)

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Code: KGASTK1500

Sustainably milled hardwood stake suitable for KANGA-GUARD.  

  • 1500mm H x 38mm x 38mm

  • Pointed end

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Bundle (100 units), Pallet (1,200 units)