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At GROWISE, we provide a broad range of sustainable products for naturally better environmental and performance outcomes.

A diverse and greener way to better revegetation, trees, turf, soil health, fertilisers, weed control, landscaping and horticulture through to medical and hospitality supplies. 
Our broad range of products covers four key environmentally-friendly categories...
  1. Plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable products - such as tree guards, tree trunk protectors, stakes and canes.
  2. Compostable Products - such as medical aprons and tree guard sleeves.
  3. Organic & eco-friendly soil conditioners and soil ameliorant  products - such as organic Bactivate microbial soil conditioner, organic seaweed, organic fertiliser and organic weed-killer.
  4. Water-wise products - such as Cocoon Plant Incubator for establishing trees without irrigation, and organic soil water retention and penetration products.
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