Amino-rich Liquid Fertiliser & Soil Improver

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Developed by PhD Chemist, Dr Ramiz Boulos, VERIGROW is a next-generation, all-purpose fertiliser and soil improver made using low grade wool.


Wool is a sustainable and all-encompassing source of amino acids - the building blocks of all palnts.

VERIGROW contains an organic (from amino acids) and an inorganic source of nitrogen. The inorganic nitrogen provides an immediate source of nitrogen while the organic nitrogen provides a slow release and longer lasting effect.

VERIGROW enables...

1. Optimal Plant Health & Growth


2. Soil Microbe Proliferation

3. Better Soil Water Retention

4. Significant Reduction of NPK fertiliser

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Watch this video to discover a new generation of liquid fertiliser & soil improver derived from wool.

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