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GREENGUARD is a durable, weather resistant and 100% biodegradable tree guard that outperforms like no other. 
With GREENGUARD, we can help eliminate plastic tree guards from our environment. If not retrieved, plastic tree guards break down in the environment and can make their way into sensitive water ways. They are often costly to store and retrieve.
Key Features
  • Triangular 450mm H x 200mm W (panels)
  • 3-latch system to keep shape for longer
  • Anchor with1 x wooden stake OR 2 x bamboo sticks (supplied by Growise)
  • Option of “no retrieval” from field
  • Field-proven, durable for approx.18 months
  • Moderate browsing protection 
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Earth colour outside, white inside.
GREENGUARD is designed and manufactured in Australia, under registered trademark, exclusive to Growise.